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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Preparing for baby Austin

This is his rocking chair, with an afgan that Jakes Grandma made him.

This is his messy closet. I need some hangers so I can get more organized.

This is his car seat, Sutton the bear is testing it out.

This is his crib and bedding.
Well, he is almost here, and I am getting really excited. I am having another baby shower on June 6th. My friend Courtney is throwing it for me. I am almost prepared for him to come we just need a few more things. Mom has some stuff for baby Austin too, but I don't get that until Mom comes out.
Jake's Mom is going to come and stay with us from the beginning on July until Jake gets out of school just to help around here while Jake is at school and work all day. She is such a big help.
Well, I posted are you happy Lisa??


jorgenlisa20 said...

So VERY happy chickie! Keep on making me happy and keep up the good work...Love ya!

Mrs. Black said...

Kyrie Sutton Anderson! I am so excited to see you blog! That is awesome... It has been a long time but it is so fun to catch up on what you are doing. (this is Shannon Clayton Black by the way... single's ward from Hudson like 4 years ago!) Congrats on the munchkin! If Court invites me to your shower I will totally bring you a present. You guys should grab your hubbies and we should have you over for dinner or a bonfire some time. We live in Lewisville which is like the next podunk town next to Rigby. I hope all goes well with AAA!