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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

huge update!!!!

Well, we went to Utah for the Memorail day weekend. Both my parents turn 50 this year and so we had all the family come in from out of town. Jake, Mai Mor and Emmett came from San Diego, and Jim, Sara, Caden and Avry came in from Phoenix. I hadn't see Jim, Sara and the kids for over a year. It was really nice to see everyone and celebrate the parents 50th. We got a family picture taken too, unfortunately Joe and Tori and the girls didn't come so we are missing 5 of our family members.
And... Austin broke his little leg poor kid. he was on the stairs leading to my parents back door and he fell off the bottom one and broke his leg. He has his cast on for another two weeks.
In other news I got a job!! I am going to be doing hair at the JC Penny styling salon. I am really excited to start I start next week. Stay tuned for that.
We blessed Emma on the 29th of May which turns out to be my Mom's Mom's Birthday. Her name happens also to be Emma. Coincidence?!?!
Jake and I are buying cars left and right! We sold our Altima to get an SUV and before we sold it we bought a 4runner, then I didnt like that so we sold the altima and bought a Rodeo (which I love) then the 4runner wouldnt sell so we had a guy offer to trade for a Neon, we did that and we fixed it up a little bit and sold that. Now we just bought a Ford Escort zx2 which I dont mind but Jake doesnt like it so that may be for sale here within the next few days! Oh the craziness!
Well, here are some pictures!

What can I say he's cute!

austin and his cast!
Wouldn't we make cute pioneer girls?!
Ahh the baby cousins
Happy little guy!!
the boys

My pretty little girl

Austin in Uncle Jim's Hat
Cute family Picture
Jim and Sara took off so we didn't get them in the picture but that is everyone that was at the blessing.
Emma's beautiful blessing dress, made so awesomely by Mom!


Emily said...

Kyr. This is wonderful. Would you please keep updating your blog. I love the pics they are so cute!!!

The Dschaaks said...

HOW SAD! I just can't imagine a kid his age having a broken leg! They are getting SO big! Glad you updated ; )