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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Kyrie finally gets to go back to school!

Yes that's right, tomorrow will be my first day at Paul Mitchell, The Hair Academy. I will be doing night classes it will take me 2 years because I will be going at night. So for two years I will have no life.
My schedule goes as follows
Work 8:30-3 School 5-10
Work 9-4:30 School 5-10
Work 10-2 School 5-10
No work School 5-10
Work 11-6:15 No school
Work 9-2 No School
Sounds Pretty crazy huh?
Well I will keep you posted (or try) with the craziness of my life.
Happy Ashley??! :)


Laura said...

ohhhh kyrie I miss you so much!!

Ashley and Andrew said...

YES!!! sounds like you'll be running around with your head cut off! but I bet you'll love it. well the part that you're at school anyway. so i totally had that background for like and hour. then i got bored and changed it again. that's what i do. . .change my blog background 20 times! ha! miss you. btw i got approved for my leave in case you hadn't heard. lata! tell jake we said hello