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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Here is what I have done at school thus far!

These are what the hair looks like when you take out the pin curls. See below!
These are my pin curls they take a long time, but they look really cool! As you saw above.

This is a shampoo set, people used to get these done a lot and then leave them for like a week see the other picture below! This is just part of my kit, there is a lot more inside of it.
This is what the hair looks like when you take out the shampoo set. You can do lots of other things with it.

So far I am loving school. this week we are doing color. I will post more when I do some really cool stuff!!


Diane said...

Good work Kyrie! Love the update.

Anonymous said...

I've been checkin' your blog every so often. I'm so happy to read you are enrolled at Paul Mitchell. My sister in law took night classes from Paul Mitchell, and she absolutely loved it.

I hope everything outside of school is running smoothly and free flowin'.