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Friday, January 22, 2010

New Blog and Haiti

I have been inspired by Julie and Julia... so any recipe I try I will post it on my new blog along with the recipe and how it turned out. It is Kyriesrecipes.blogspot.com

I would also like to let all of you know that Paul Mitchell school are doing a charity for the Haiti Relief Fund. All the money we raise until the end of January will go to Haiti where people greatly need our help. The goal of all Paul Mitchell school (100) is to raise 100,000.00 so far yesterday my school in little ol Rexburg raised 600. Each school has a goal of 1000.00 so in just one day we are over half way there. I would just like to encourage you all to find a way to help those people whose lives were torn apart during this hard time. Here is a link for a youtube video of my Mentor Winn Claybaugh about this great charity.


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Nathan Stephanie Gilbert Family said...

Austin is getting so big! He looks so much like Jake...holy cow! I haven't seen you in forever...I hope everything is going good for you guys and you are enjoying school! :)