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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Warning:lots of pictures few words

I got to see my BFF after a year and half and it was back to normal trying on hats and being silly
Austin also likes hats doesn't he look handsome?
Ahh Emily is so silly
He is a ham
They are going on a safari
Austin's first golf outing we put his car seat in the golf cart he loved it!
Mai Mor and I have great taste in sun glasses
The boys at the San Diego temple
Mommy likes palm trees I really liked these kind
Aren't they cute??
Austins first time at the beach/ocean
Beautiful San Diego Temple
Me Mom and Mai Mor at the San Diego Temple
Mommy and Baby at the Ocean
Cute little baby hot tubbing

it was a lot of fun going to California and seeing Jake and his awesome wife Mai Mor. there will be more pictures to come of trip number 2 to California and phoenix

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