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Saturday, June 5, 2010

12 down 89 to go!!!!

101 in 1001

1. Attend the temple once a month for a year. (1/12)

2. Finish Paris/England scrapbook.

3. Start Austin's scrapbook

4. Grow my hair out long enough for the "Spiral Staircase"

5. Do 100% visiting teaching for a year. (2/12)

6. Make a quilt

7. Be done with School

8. Be pregnant or have baby #2. 5/30/2010

9. Go to the temple everyday for a week.

10. Volunteer at the temple

11. Hit my ideal weight

12. Go to Phoenix 4/8/10

13. Go snowboarding

14. Try skiing

15. Become soda free for 6 months straight

16. Cook dinner every day for a week

17. Watch all for sessions of general conference and don't fall asleep

18. Fill up my journal

19. Quit Wells Fargo 2/19/2010

20. Buy a new car May 2010

21. Get tattoo touched up

22. Send homemade cards to mine and Jakes family for a year.

23. Sell my Mary Kay

24. Learn Hair tinsel May 2010

25. Beat Super Mario Brothers Wii without Luigi

26. Make it to Wisconsin

27. Call Grandma once a month (3/33)

28. Put bright red in my hair 2/23/2010

29. Read the Ensign every month (3/33)

30. Finish Family names

31. Read the conference Ensign cover to cover before the next conference

32. Make Austin's first Birthday cake

33. Do 1 nice thing for Jake a week for a month (0/4)

34. Throw Jake a graduation Party

35. Attend General Conference in the Conference Center 4/4/10

36. Throw Crystal a bridal shower.

37. Throw myself a graduation Party

38. throw a big 25th birthday party for myself

39. Finish this list 2/20/2010

40. Take Jake to the ocean 4/17/2010

41. Put drapes in the apartment

42. Buy frames and put pictures of the Family in them and hang them

43. Get Austin's one year pictures taken

44. Read 4 books I have never read before (1/4)

45. Got the midnight showing of Eclipse

46. Don't turn the TV on for a day

47. Find a way to re-arrange the living room 2/24/10

48. Read the book of Mormon

49. Don't eat out for a month

50. Organize the pantry 5/29/2010

51. Have a F.R.I.E.N.D.S Party with the girls

52. Go shooting with Jake

53. Have a craft weekend with Mom

54. Find a job at a Salon after school

55. Make our Halloween costumes

56. Start a savings for a down payment on a house

57. Write a letter once a month to a random family member (2/33)

58. Treat myself to a spa day

59. Take some online classes

60. Fit into my goal jeans

61. Make a list of qualities I want in a house

62. put 40 new recipes on my blog

63. Create my portfolio

64. Master the art of Braiding

65. Watch all the Harry Potter movies in a week

66. Go camping twice (hopefully more)

67. Make an online picture book

68. Make a recipe book

69. Spend a day with my nieces

70. Do a random act of kindness for a friend

71. Blog about how much I love the people in my life

72. Write a letter to myself to open in 1001 days

73. Watch 2 movies at a theater in one day

74. Have dinner for friends 3 times (1/3)

75. Try 5 new restaurants (1/5) 1. cowboy grub in slc

76. Use 10 new recipes

77. Watch all the Lord of the Rings movies ( I have never seen them)

78. Watch a movie I've never seen before from every list of the Alphabet


A= Avatar D= Dear John

79. Make homemade Christmas gifts Christmas '10

80. Go to Disneyland

81. Get a Cricut

82. Go to a drive-in movie

83. Volunteer at the Bishops storehouse

84. Frame Kurt's art

85. Give Austin to my Parents for a whole weekend and spend it with Jake

86. Go to the Rexburg Rodeo

87. Make Christmas decorations every Christmas

88. Get Austin a toddler bed

89. Wear a different pair of shoes everyday for a week (0/7)

90. Don't touch my tip account until I am done with school

91. Learn to make crepes

92. Do Family history once a month for 15 out of the 33 months (1/15)

93. Do 15 batches of indexing (0/15)

94. Approach 5 strangers and give them my Mary Kay card

95. Get Vikings shirts for the family before football season

96. Switch to Splenda at least for a month

97. Take 5 bags of clothes to D.I. May 2010

98. Go to a Jazz game with the Family

99. Have a joint 50th birthday party for my Parents

100. Send Jake to Wisconsin to go hunting with his uncle

101. Give $1 for every one I didn't finish to charity

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jorgenlisa20 said...

Kyrie, Kyrie, Kyrie...my little chickadee! Way to go! And a happy congratulations on baby #2. Wow! Miss Robin says you are getting pretty good at doing hair. Maybe I'll come pay you a visit one day. Hugs and kisses darling! Lisa.